Indonesian domain loses competitiveness in Tuvalu and Montenegro

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Indonesian domain loses competitiveness in Tuvalu and Montenegro

Indonesian domain loses competitiveness in Tuvalu and Montenegro

The Indonesian .id domain is less competitive than the Tuvalu .tv domain, owned by Colombia or Montenegro. According to the domain name manager Doman Indonesia (PANDI), the number of users of the .id domain name is 318,090 in the second quarter of 2019.

The composition of .id users is 96%, ie 304 126 000 people in the country. Four percent are used by users abroad with a total of 13,964,000.

Yudho Giri Sucahyo, president of PANDI for the period 2019-2023, said that this figure was still very small compared to the domain names .co (Colombia), .me (Montonegro) and .tv (Tuvalu).

.Tv domain names were used by 800,000 users. Although the number of people in Tuvalu is only about 11.3 thousand. Thus, according to Heru, the massive users of the .tv domain must come from foreign users.

Then, the Colombian domain name, .co, was used by 2.1 million users. Even though the use of .co in Colombia is only about 10% or 210,000.

In Indonesia, the .co domain is also popular. Heru said that .co users in the country had reached 800,000 people. While the .me domain of Montonegro has about 7 million users.

Domain .com in Indonesia, according to the vice president of the board of directors for business development, cooperation and marketing PANDI, Heru Nugroho has at least been used by 700,000 users. Therefore, in the future, Pandi will take proactive steps to develop foreign markets.

Yudho said there are still many .id domain names that can be used by users. This is the main weapon of PANDI and users want to use .id. In addition, Yudho said he represented "Idea" or "Identity", which could be used by users to create a brand.

"The overseas market is still very wide - the benefits of .id domain names that represent" Idea "or" Identity "are a blessing that only .id domain names have, this should be used so that overseas sales are rising rapidly, "said Yudho. in the PANDI T1-T2 report at the Jakarta Center on Wednesday (7 out of 17).

To increase the number of users abroad, PANDI has also decided to invite PANDI registrars to have partners abroad.

This partner is an extension of the hand to expand the market that has not been reached to the maximum by the PANDI registrar.

In addition, PANDI will create a special website to upload content for marketing activities abroad. This is done so that information about .id domain names can be obtained at the maximum by users abroad.
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