In addition to Ovo, Grab payments can use Mastercard

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In addition to Ovo, Grab payments can use Mastercard

In addition to Ovo, Grab payments can use Mastercard

Grab Indonesia President Ridzki Kramadibrata said that the cooperation with Masterdcard was aimed at providing alternative non-cash payment in addition to using Ovo.

"We call this a non-cash alternative payment alternative, other than Ovo, and currently payment for catch services can use credit cards and there is no change," he said. he told the press after a press conference at UI Campus Depok, West Java Wednesday (17/7)

"Later users can make Mastercard payments via the Grab app throughout Southeast Asia," he said.

Ridzki, however, did not mention when the payment using this Mastercard will be implemented in Indonesia. Whereas previously mentioned this payment service will slip in the second half of this year. In October 2018, Grab signed a partnership to launch Mastercad prepaid card services for all its users in South East Asia.

This prepaid card is different from debit and credit cards. On debit cards, users must have an account to use the card. Credit card users do not have to have an account but a certain credit limit.

On prepaid cards, the card must be filled from the main account with a certain par value. So that the card already containing this nominal value can be given to someone else, for example to give pocket money to the child.

Unlike physical cash, this card can be used as a credit card for online purchases.

It can also be used to pay at the store or take money at the ATM, such as a debit card. One of the banking services in Indonesia that has used this service is BTPN via a Jenius account.

When discussing the proportion of Mastercard credit and debit card use in relation to Ovo, Ridzki stated that he did not remember part of his current use and contribution.

"For the [use] part of Mastercard credit and debit cards, I do not remember what percentage, but I think it will be consistent with the percentage of payment methods in Indonesia," he added.
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