Check the originality of the motorcycle battery with the mobile

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Check the originality of the motorcycle battery with the mobile

Check the originality of the motorcycle battery with the mobile

Astra Otoparts follows the parent company, Astra International, which deepens in the digital world by launching new products with varied presentations.

The new product, the GS Gold battery specifically designed for motorcycles, features a QR-based originality verification system and an online warranty.

GS Gold is a type of free maintenance battery that carries a QR code sticker. Astra Otoparts explained that the barcode is a QR code that has only one identity on each product. It is therefore not possible to say that two products have the same QR code.

The QR code is a gateway allowing consumers to activate the guarantee. The trick, consumers scan the QR code with the app, then log on to the company's official website.

On the website, consumers will receive confirmation of the authenticity or otherwise of the battery. For an online warranty, consumers are required to provide information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, types of motorcycles and more.

Once all data is complete, the warranty will be active for two years. GS Gold would be the first Astra Otoparts battery to benefit from a two-year warranty, before other GS products are no longer guaranteed.

"Because we know that as a market leader there are so many fake GS, consumers with limitations may not be able to know it directly," said Yusak Kristian, director of Astra Otoparts at launch Monday (24/06).

Yusak acknowledged that the data collected on the website is mining information on consumers. According to him, the digitization program developed with these third parties would benefit consumers.

"Previously, we did not have end-user data," Yusak said.

GS Gold is the highest GS motorcycle battery in the caste. The lowest type, GTZ5S, is for scooters of 110 to 125 cm3 for Rp264 000.

While the other GS, Premium products, are sold from Rp. 80 thousand, MC Premium Kits starting at Rp. 127 thousand, and VRLA starting at Rp. 227 thousand.

According to Yusak, GS Gold is a pilot project for applying QR codes and online warranties. If the results of the internal search indicate success, it can be applied to other products.
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