Samsung officials have finally opened the sound on the problem of Galaxy Fold

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Samsung officials have finally opened the sound on the problem of Galaxy Fold

Samsung officials have finally opened the sound on the problem of Galaxy Fold

According to rumors, Samsung will officially launch the Galaxy Fold on the market in the near future. Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh said on Wednesday (9/5).

"(The company) has examined a number of issues that have caused (input) a number of substances (to the device) and we will announce the findings today or later (at launch)", explained Koh.

Previously, many journalists and early users of the Samsung Galaxy Fold complained of the breakage of their flip-flops, bumps and a blink after a day of use. This damage is caused by the entry of substance inside the screen as they get rid of the screen protector.

This is the first comment from the management of Samsung after the news about the problem of the Galaxy Fold screen has been mentioned. Initially, the launch of Fold was scheduled for April 26. However, this launch was delayed due to the screen problem.

Asked by reporter The Korea Herald about the possibility that Samsung is launching the Galaxy Fold in the US in the near future, Koh said, "We will not be late." The statement raises a number of speculations about the launch of the foldable Galaxy Fold phone in May.

According to Sam Mobile, Samsung has performed an internal inspection of a number of items that cause problems on the Galaxy Fold screen. This folding cell phone has also been strengthened with great durability in the central area of ​​the cell phone and reduces the gap between the screen and the main screen frame to prevent the entry of external substances into the device .

Previously, Samsung had canceled the release of Galaxy Fold to the public, which was scheduled to take place on April 26. This delay was reported after many news reports reported deficiencies on the mobile folding screen when the media tried to test it and the first buyers the Galaxy Fold.

In addition, users have complained about the lack of warning not to remove the screen protector, damaging the device after several days of use, until bumps appear on the screen .

In response to the crucial problem faced by the Galaxy Fold, Samsung rushed to make his official statement. Samsung was considering strengthening the screen protector components. Samsung will also add a better warning about the screen protection layer previously revoked by users.

Samsung also hopes that users who have pre-ordered will still benefit from the Galaxy Fold once Samsung has solved the problems of their folding cell phones.

Galaxy Fold was announced for the first time at the MWC 2019 event last February. Carrying a large 7.3-inch screen makes the Galaxy Fold a mobile phone and a tablet simultaneously.

Samsung's foldable mobile phone announcement is also associated with Huawei who also announced its folding mobile phone, namely Mate X.
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