Observe Call Free VPN No Data Security Guarantee

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Observe Call Free VPN No Data Security Guarantee

Observe Call Free VPN No Data Security Guarantee

Government restrictions on social networks temporarily force users to "flee" using a VPN. However, not many people are aware of the dangers of using VPN. Indeed, there is no guarantee as to the security of the user data if you use a VPN.

Alfons Tanujaya, security analyst at Siber, revealed that VPNs can "spy" on a conversation.

"The free VPN therefore presents a high risk and its use is not recommended," he told CNNIndonesia.com on Thursday (24/5).

Alfons added that paid VPN applications can not guarantee the security of user data. Paid VPN applications only guarantee "clear" businesses.

"However, a large paid virtual private network company that has been operating its business for 10 years will suffer heavy losses in the event of data theft, and large companies will usually avoid (data theft)," said Alfons.

Alfons added that free VPN applications do not mean bad. Users are invited to know the history.

"The revenue streams also have to be taken into account, whether it's advertising or selling VPN data," Alfons said.

Previously, Alfons had explained the operation of a VPN in the manner of a proxy.

"In fact, using a VPN is more or less like using a proxy." So far, WhatsApp is directly from Indonesia on the WhatsApp server, "said Alfons.

"So, using VPN, how does it work, you connect to servers outside of Indonesia, from the server on which it just connected." The principle works the same way than a proxy, choose a VPN. "

Meanwhile, Tech Tech reports, when a user activates a connection to a VPN application, the latter uses the fastest server available. In general, users can also manually choose the location of the server. For example, they can choose a server that does not conform to their country.
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