Easy ways to find Qiblah using AR

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Easy ways to find Qiblah using AR

Easy ways to find Qiblah using AR

To facilitate Qibla search, users can use Augmented Reality (AR) technology in the Qibla Finder service provided by Google. This service is a site that uses AR technology to show users the direction that Qibla is taking for the month of Ramadan 2019.

To use it, simply type Ramadan or Qibla Finder in the Google search column.

When searching for Ramadan, the options "Prayer Times" and "Qibla Indications" appear. Select the Qibla instructions, then the user will be directed to the Qibla Finder page. Users can also access this page directly at qiblafinder.withgoogle.com.

When opening this application created by Google, users must activate the camera and the location of the user. Then place the phone screen in front of the user. An arrow will appear to indicate to the user to rotate the mobile phone to find the location of the Ka'bah. If you are in the right direction, the image of the Kaaba will appear with the distance that separates it from the Kaaba.

"The Qibla piloting feature uses RA, so it clearly shows the location of our site and makes it easier to find the Qibla leadership," Indonesia's director of product marketing Ridzky Novasandro (16/5) said Thursday. .

Ridzky said that this feature was very interesting and easy for consumers. Because this feature combines the real world with cyberspace.

In addition to explaining the Qibla Finder problem, Google also explained that the Google Maps app also provided a list of recommendations for nearby restaurants that wanted to break the fast. Google has launched this feature because it reads the fast trend.

Google Indonesia Marketing Director Veronica Utami said many people have a hard time deciding where to go for a fasting day. In this recommendation feature, Google collaborates with Qraved.

"This list is only for the Jakarta region for a while, and it says which time is open and some can book directly," Veronica said.

In collaboration with the Presidential Office, Google has also updated information about the mosque, the rest area and Mudik's publications.

"Then, to get home, Google Maps can help with navigation, but we've also worked with the government to update location information," Veronica said.
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