After folding the phones, now appears a laptop with folding screen

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After folding the phones, now appears a laptop with folding screen

After folding the phones, now appears a laptop with folding screen

Flip-screen phones have been the subject of much discussion since the beginning of 2019. Instead of a mobile phone with a folding screen, Lenovo is presenting a prototype laptop with a foldable display. The Lenovo folding screen laptop will be included in the ranks of the ThinkPad X1 notebook.

The laptop screen uses an OLED panel measuring 13 inches in a ratio of 4: 3. The screen resolution is 2K or 1,920x1,080 pixels. Once folded, this laptop looks like a mid-size laptop. This laptop uses an Intel processor with a full Windows operating system.

Lenovo plans to start shipping this product next year.

It is estimated that this laptop will use the Lakefield Sunny Cove SoC, which has a central base. Lenovo has also placed two USB-C ports on the side of the laptop and a camera with infrared. However, Lenovo does not reveal the battery life of this device.

When the laptop is open, users can use the entire screen as a tablet. The size is as wide as a Windows tablet or an iPad Pro. Once folded, users can use the 9.6-inch screen at the top as the screen and at the bottom to type and display the keyboard panel.

In addition to using virtual keyboards, Lenovo is also considering matching devices that do not have this name to a physical keyboard connected via Bluetooth. The screen can be fixed with a support for the back. The appearance is similar to that of an all-in-one mini desktop. In addition to keyboards, Lenovo also complements this notebook with the Wacom Pen.

According to CNet's report, this laptop does not have the strangeness seen on the Galaxy Fold. The Lenovo folding screen does not use an extra layer of protection that causes people to peel it like a crease. The edges also seem to be better closed than Fold. Lenovo is also aware of the issues that arise on Fold and tries to avoid it.

Lenovo itself claims that this product is similar to other ThinkPad X series and must pass military tests.

They therefore test the durability of laptop hinges up to twice as much as the Yoga notebook series. In addition, laptop hinges are also designed to not support or stretch LG's foldable screen panel as directed by PCWorld.

Problems with Lenovo's cooperation with LG in the manufacture of folding screens using flexible OLED displays have been heard since last October. Not only Lenovo, Min-cheol, Samsung's vice president of marketing for Samsung, also announced that they would launch a laptop with a foldable screen this year. Some leaks also mention that Microsoft is also developing a surface with a similar flexible screen.
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